Messy Church at Home: THREE

There are still loads of brightly colour leaves and flowers around for you to collect and squish as shown in our first "Messy Church at Home Post". There are many things you can make with them to show Gods beautiful creation; pictures, fridge magnets and calendars. A favourite of Messy Church has been bookmarks. The bits and pieces you need are pictured below:

1. Simply cut out some coloured thin card into long strips (natural colours are good) and place your pressed leaves or flowers onto the card. 

2. Use a tiny dab of PVA glue to hold them in place once you’ve designed your bookmark. 

3. Write or print out a bible verse from the photo attached here and place it at one end of your bookmark. Glue in place.

If someone you know has a laminator ....

4. Insert the whole thing carefully into a laminating pouch and pass it through a laminator. Make sure the leaves or flowers are very flat and pressed thinly.

If you don’t have a laminator....

5. Use some good old sticky backed plastic (just like Blue Peter) to cover the bookmark.

6. Trim the edges and enjoy using your bookmark (one is pictured below:)

Have a look at our brilliant bible verses, pictured below. They might give you ideas for other activities as well as reminding you of how good our creator God is.


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