Messy Church at Home: Holy Spirit Hovercraft!

With advent, we are reminded of the first coming of Jesus our saviour God, as a baby, as well as His second coming, still to take place. In these “In between” times, we can know God as comforter and friend in the third person of the trinity, the promised Holy Spirit. He promises to live in us when we confess our sin and invite Him into our lives. This Messy Church activity simply reminds us that God’s Holy Spirit, who desires to live in us, is the same Spirit of power, that hovered over the waters at the creation of the heavens and the earth (Genesis chapter 1; verse 1).  

You will need: sports cap bottle lids, such as those used on Fruit Shoots; blank CD/DVDs; balloons; superglue; glue sticks; sequins; marker pens.

Beforehand, glue the bottle lids to the CDs. To do this, remove the sports-cap lid from the bottle and push it down so it is closed. Glue the lid to the centre of the underside of the disk around the hole, and leave it to dry overnight.

Decorate the underside of the disk and/or write the words ‘Holy Spirit hovercraft’. Once complete, blow up a balloon and attach the end to the lid. Put the lid in the open position, and watch it glide over a flat surface.

Think and talk about how, in Genesis 1, the Spirit hovers over the water of creation. God is the creator of all of our planet’s seas and oceans. What can we do to look after the world we live in? Does God’s Spirit still hover around our watery world today and is He living in us as our comforter and friend?


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