A Prayer for Ascension Day

Dear God,

like the first disciples, after they witnessed Jesus’ Ascension into heaven, we are continually praising you.

We thank you for all the joy you have given us as we strive to follow the example of your Son, Jesus Christ.

We rejoice that, although we may not see him with our earthly eyes, Jesus is with us every day, always on hand to help us and support us, to guide us and to admonish us when we do not follow his teaching.

We are sorry that we do not always manage to do what we should to play our small part in bringing your kingdom to our community and neighbours.

We thank you for all the opportunities you give us to offer your love and kindness to all those we encounter in our daily lives.

Help us to see the face of Jesus in all the people we meet today, and treat all of them as you beloved children.

Grant us, too, the patience to wait for you to clothe us with the power that your Holy Spirit offers to those who listen to your still, small voice, and may we turn to you for guidance whenever we may feel uncertain.

Whatever we may be suffering, we know that all we need do is follow in the steps of Jesus, and in the end all will be well.

Help us to remember the words of Jesus, that we need not worry about what the future holds, as you will always provide the needs of those who have faith in you.

We know that you love and care for every one of us, and provide us with whatever we may need in order to live our lives as you would have us do. Amen


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